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Lynn Fakhry 15 Nov 2021

Groov Escape: New Hub Bringing Local Talents Together

Amid the crippling downward trend that Lebanon has been experiencing, a young Lebanese couple, Demi and Youssef, decided to invest their skills in a passion project alongside their daytime jobs in an attempt to uplift their spirits and that of those around them.

This project is called Groov Escape, and it is a space that helps promote local talents and exhibit their products, giving them the exposure they deserve. The founders’ main goal is to assure young creators, particularly those working in art, fashion, and sustainability fields, that starting their own business is still a successful and viable career choice, even during these hard times.

Launched on October 16 in Rizk Plaza Brummana, the hub’s current main display includes skincare and health products, home decor and illustrations, and vintage clothes and accessories, offering alternative products to luxury brands. You can send them a direct message to place an order or even get tattooed by Demi, the co-founder!

Keep an eye on their Instagram to check their periodical open calls for artists and updates on the upcoming website and events!