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Lynn Fakhry 10 Nov 2021

9 Escape Rooms to Speed Up Your Adrenaline In Lebanon

We have a new fun group activity for your friends and family to try out!

These 9 escape rooms in Lebanon are inviting you to experience an exceptional time-bound immersive adventure. So take a break from the work hassle, and gather your team members because you have a mission to accomplish!

1. Haunted Escape Room, Jdeideh

A big selection of 8 themes inspired by famous horror movies is available for you and your team to choose from: The Haunted Gallery, The Mummy, Saw, The Ring, The Conjuring, Annabelle, Haunted Hotel, and IT. You also have the option to experience the classic escape room game with no horror.

Age limit: 12+ unless accompanied by an adult
Team size: 2 – 20 players
Fees: 130,000 LBP/person
Room minimum charge: 390,000 LBP
Contact: +961 81808233

2. Codex Adventures , Byblos

The only outdoor escape room in Lebanon, which means you can bring your pet to solve riddles with you! You can pick either the Time Travel game or Spy School with a higher difficulty level.

Age limit: 15+ unless accompanied by adults
Team size: 4 – 10 players
Fees: 80,000 LBP/person
Contact: +961 81048014

3. Brainiac, Amchit

Avengers-inspired game in which players will have to solve a set of electrical IQ and mechanical puzzles and riddles in order to collect the required amount of stones to escape and win.

Brainiac founders will soon be opening a new escape experience called “Escape Lebnen”!

Age limit: 14+
Team size: 2 – 7 players
2 people: 200,000 LBP
3 people: 285,000 LBP
4 people: 360,000 LBP
5 people: 425,000 LBP
6 people: 480,000 LBP
7 people: 560,000 LBP
Contact: +961 70910730

4. Escape The Room by Square 51

Think Square delivers an experience like no other with two separate games, one is set in ABC Dbayeh and the other can be played either online or live in Jardins du Mzaar Kfardebian.

Contact: +961 81317951

Sanuk Lost City – ABC Dbayeh

Enter the humid rainforest of Siam and explore the ancient kingdoms of Sukhothai and Ayutthaya. The real struggle will be to escape the centuries old dark temple!

Age Limit: 12+
Team size: 2 – 4 players
Fees: 150,000 LBP/person

The House Of Merlin – Jardins du Mzaar Kfardebian & online

Pass the challenges that Merlin the Enchanter had laid ahead of you, and free King’s Arthur sword from stone.

Age limit: 13+
Team size: 2 – 7 players
Physical edition: 150,000 LBP/person
Online edition: $60/session

5. Squit The Game, Jdeideh

This escape room includes challenges inspired by games from the Squid Game Netflix series. Not only will the Pargoy doll be watching you, but you’ll also be given the blue and white inmate costume to wear while playing!

Age limit: 16+
Team size: 3 – 6 players
Fees: 80,000 LBP/person
Contact: +961 76432906

6. Brainscape, Jounieh

Two immersive escape rooms are available: fix the Titanic ship to survive your ocean trip or put yourself in the shoes of detective Sherlock Holmes and solve a mystery.

Age limit: 10+ unless accompanied by an adult
Team size: 4 – 8 players
Fees: 80,000 LBP/person
Contact: +961 76344897

7. The Gemologist, Dawra

The goal is to steal a million dollars diamond from a Gemologist’s house “à la Tom Cruise”. You have only 70 minutes to complete the mission!

Age limit: 8+
Team size: 2 – 6 players
Fees: 100,000 LBP/person
Contact: +961 71934734

8. GraveYard, Anetlias

An escape room concept with a horror twist where five horrifying rooms are available for people who enjoy the thrill of being scared. You can opt for the non-horror option as well!

Age limit: 12+
Team size: 2 – 9 (groups of more than 9 people can be divided into two separate rooms to play simultaneously)
On weekdays: 120,000 LBP/person
On Weekends: 150,000 LBP/person
Contact: +961 76055228

9. Brain Obix, Hadath

Until the second escape room that’s currently under construction comes to life, try to escape El Cartel Bar, and destroy all evidence without getting caught by the DEA.

Age limit: 15+
Team size: 2 – 8 players
Fees: Keep an eye on Brain Obix website to check their updated prices.
Contact: +961 70279829