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Melissa Sleiman 11 Nov 2021

There Is A “Miss Internet Lebanon” And People Have Many Feelings About It

Looks like people miss watching Miss Lebanon Q&A fails and the crowning ceremony because a pageant called “Miss Internet Lebanon” surfaced earlier this week, quenching our thirst for all that is ridiculous. What is Miss Internet, you ask? Well, we are not quite sure. Does Miss Internet make sure our routers are in tip-top shape? Does she consume as much internet as possible? All questions that remain unanswered.

Regardless of the meaning behind the title, one lucky Tik Tok user by the name of Aya Hajj Ali earned the crown and bestowed upon us her wisdom.

Many were quick to share their opinions on social media, and here is what some people had to say:

The “Queen of the Internet” posted a response to the heavy backlash she and the pageant received, claiming that she was proud to have been chosen among 120 other women vying for the crown despite the ridicule she has been subjected to since the event.

@ayaalhajjali #ayaalhajjali #fyp #lebanon ♬ original sound – ayaalhajjali

In a country with a crippling fuel crisis with no supply of electricity or wifi, the irony of crowning a Miss Internet was quite upsetting for many – but the biggest loser remains branding and coolness.