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Bassel Obeid 19 Nov 2021

4 Burgers That Will Get You Ready For The Long Weekend

Ready for the long Independence Day weekend? Here are four burgers to start this 3-day weekend the right way.

1. Sweet Gorditta from Juicy Grill

The famous Sweet Gorditta is one for the books! A giant beef patty coated in raclette cheese and topped with double bacon, avocado, fried egg, sweet potato chips, and a touch of sweet chili mayo.

2. The Crunchy from graze

A satisfying beef burger with an irresistible crunch that accompanies you on every bite. If you’ve never tried onion rings in a burger, this is the perfect intro!

3. It Takes Two from Yolo Burgers

A double patty coated in cheese lava and bacon for our true meat lovers. It Takes Two is a perfectly fulfilling meal after a long week eating mom’s healthy homemade food (which we love too, btw).

4. Holy B from Gilbert’s Burger Bites

Fried chicken lovers, this one’s for you. Nothing is more satisfying than a crispy piece of chicken, fried to perfection, with cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce!