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Beirut.com 21 Nov 2021

10 Times Fairouz Was Perfect For Every Situation

Today marks the birthday of one of the most influential and admired singers in the Arab world and Lebanon’s acclaimed gem: Fairouz. The living legend and symbol of Lebanese pride rose to fame in the 1950s, having been discovered at the International Festival of Baalbeck.

Aside from revolutionizing Lebanese traditional music, Fairouz has managed to put our feelings and thoughts into words in an indescribable manner, we could have never said it better ourselves.

Here are 10 times Fairouz songs were perfect for every situation.

Happy Birthday, queen!

1. When you were longing for a loved one

Byetla3 3a bali erja3 ana w iyak

2. When you were feeling homesick

Bhebak ya libnan ya watani bhebak

3. When you were celebrating someone else’s happiness

Ou3a tenseni, ou3a tenseni, w tzakari hanna el sakran

4. When you were madly in love

Habbaytak bel sayf, habbaytak bel sheti

Shayef el baher shu kbir, keber el baher bhebak

5. When the summertime sadness hit you

Akher ayam al mashawir, fi ghaymeh zar2a w bared ktir

6. When you were missing your grandmother

Sitti ya sitti, shta2telek ya sitti

7. When you were feeling lonely

Zourouni kol sana marra, haram tensouni bel marra

W ana be iyyam el sa7ou, mahada natarni

8. When you meet a girl named “Aaliyah”

W yekhreb bayt 3younik ya Aaliyah shu helween

9. When the blanket was not enough to warm your winter soul

Shatti ya denyi ta yzid mawsamna w ye7la

10. When it was Mother’s Day

Oummi ya malaki, ya hobbi al baqi ila al abad