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Tanya Maalouf 27 Nov 2021

Here’s How Joey Tribbani Would Flirt If He Were Lebanese

Let’s admit that although Joey is one of the best characters on FRIENDS, he would be a walking red flag if we ever met his Lebanese alter ego.

Here’s how we think Joey Tribbiani would flirt if he were actually Lebanese.

1. “Shu ya ashta?”

The loose translation of “How you doin’?”

2. “Baleye?”

Yes THAT response. Sadly, Joey is going to be one of those guys.

3. He’ll take you out on a shawarma date

AND he’ll say he doesn’t care that you have garlic breath as an excuse to kiss you.

4. “Btefhameene”

Then proceeds to explain how no other girl ever really GOT him…

5. “Leike shaklik bardene, ta3e daffike”


6. “Manne doctoeur bas akid ma3e betsohhe”

7. “3anjed enne sheyfik w ma msada2”

8. “Btaarfe ana sefaret ktir, w fine ekhdik 3ala ahla vacation b hayetik

*coughs in bullshit*

9. “Ra2mik helo metlik”

10. “Yo2borne” *wink*

11. “Ente gher el banet li heke ma3oun”

Says this whilst texting 9 other girls.

12. “Jesmik ktir helo lezim taamle model”

We are saddened to say that Joey Tribbiani is your typical Lebanese fuckboy.

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