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Labib Mansour 27 Nov 2021

10 Must-Try Premium Chocolate Creations

During tough times, sugar cravings kick in. Whether you take a bite or a look, these innovative chocolate items will uplift your mood and give you a quick source of energy to get you through the day.

1. Limited edition bars from Chocomum

The most colorful bars you’ll ever have, available in 10 unique flavors including coconut rose, lotus marshmallows, and candid orange pecan.

2. Takis chocolate heart from Chocolate Planet

Smash it if you’d like to know what sweet Takis taste like.

3. Personalized chocolate message from Chocolate Words

Words can now be literally tasted.

4. Chocolate Lipsticks from Shanshal Chocolate

A box of 11 lipsticks filled with creamy solution. Which shade are you eating today?

5. Premium chocolate and fruits bites from Dyafty

One chocolate-covered fruit a day keeps the sadness away.

6. Single origin milk thyme bar from Bold Chocolatier

This artisanal chocolate bar is the new pre-exam thyme sandwich.

7. Dried strawberries dipped in dark chocolate from Particulier Chocolatier

Vegan, gluten-free, and a guilt-free delight.

8. White chocolate cardamom bark from Lust In Chocolate

An edible abstract painting. The artist’s special touch is a hint of cardamom.

9. Brownie Nutella cupcake from Poème Chocolate

Your three favorite desserts in one.

10. Croissant-shaped chocolate pieces from Krokina Chocolate

They look adorable and absolutely delicious!