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Lynn Fakhry 26 Nov 2021

Feeling Down? Re-Energize At These 8 Spots

If you’re going through tough times, we’re here for you! Pick yourself up and shake the funk off at one of these local destinations.

We’re starting the weekend off on the right foot!

1. Multiverse

Pass by this pop culture store and café in Hamra to enjoy a sip of their special homemade iced tea while you play your favorite board game with friends. The fun and vibrant atmosphere will definitely uplift your spirit!

2. Biomass restaurant

This weekend is your last chance to visit this outdoor farm-to-table restaurant located in Batroun. Come have some fun in the sun for one last time and bid farewell to the wonderful fall season!

3. Kahwat Ras Beirut

Your relaxing destination in the buzzing city of Beirut. Every detail in this place will charm you, from the chic interior blending history with modernity, to the smell of coffee and the panoramic view of Manara.

4. Souk El Tayeb

Every small business owner you meet there will put a smile on your face with their genuine hospitality and delicious natural Lebanese produces. This market located in Mar Mikhael welcomes you every day from Monday till Saturday.

5. Beit Alia

Nothing is more therapeutic than waking up to Tannourin’s breathtaking mountain view in the fall! Beit Alia installed the soubiya in its cabin and is waiting for you to come have an unforgettable cheese and wine night.

6. Barzakh Bookshop

Visit during the day to explore a new read and on a Monday night to hear hilarious stories by amateur stand-up comedians from Awk.word.ness). It is impossible to feel down in a space full of books and resonant laughter!

7. The Wood Factory Pizzeria

This Pizzeria nestled in a wood cabin in Baabdate is home for talented local musicians, large gatherings, and the cheesiest pizzas! The happy moments documented in their Instagram videos are enough to motivate you for a visit!

8. City Scooter

In the heart of Batroun old souk, you can find this electric scooter rental. So pick a bike and go on a beautiful ride around the ancient city, because “ahla dawa sham el hawa!”

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