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Taleen El Gharib 29 Nov 2021

Here’s What Happened At The Dentists and Pharmacists Syndicate Elections Yesterday

On Sunday, November 28th, the Order of Dentists and the Order of Pharmacists each held elections to appoint new members and a president for 2021.

According to journalists from L’Orient Le Jour who were on-site during the elections for the Order of Dentists, a clash erupted among voters who attested to the manual count of votes, eventually resulting in throwing ballot boxes on the floor.

The current president of the order Roger Rubeiz called for the cancellation of the elections.

Although a disappointing and rather ridiculous outcome for the Order of Dentists, the independents took over the Order of Pharmacists elections on Sunday with a landslide win.

Out of 17 seats, independent candidates from Al Sayadila Yantafidoun and Nakabati Sanadi were able to secure 12 seats distributed among the Order’s Council, the Pension Fund, and the Disciplinary Council.

In addition, independent candidate Joe Salloum was appointed the new president of the order, receiving a large number of votes compared to his affiliated opposing candidate, Faraj Saade. According to several pharmacists, Saade was not with the October 17 revolution, but he claimed to be in support of the independent candidates running in the elections. There is also speculation of his affiliation with certain political parties.

Considering the current state of the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, we can only hope that we will witness a positive change amidst the downward trend the country has been enduring.