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Mia Arawi 30 Nov 2021

15 Thoughts You Have On Your First Day On The Job

If you’re one of the lucky ones who managed to land a job in Lebanon, we’re pretty sure you were nervous on your first day.

1. “Yemken Kerhoone”

And then you start to overthink literally everything you do.

2. “Khalas I’m getting fired after my first day”

You after you make ONE TINY MISTAKE.

3. “Ma ba3ref shu 3am ba3mel”

Is it too late to admit your CV was a lie?

4. “Shu ken l job description again?”

5. “Do we think my boss is nice?”

6. “Tab yemken l2it sheghel ahsan?”

7. “What if ken 3ende coworker helo?”

Office romance anyone?

8. “Eh bas 3ANJED helo”

So in your head, you’re married and have kids.

9. “Awlkon bya3tune raise”

Relax habibi, it’s your first day.

10. “Tab halla2 mnetdghada kelna sawa aw kif?”

The anxiety strikes.

11. “Kif bya3mlo ref2a bel sheghel?”

12. “Bshil rooh 3al beit”

13. “Ade el se3a?”

14. “Omg I’m the newbie”

And you try so hard to not look like one.

15. “KHAAAAY Kholis el nhar”