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Beirut.com 01 Dec 2021

New COVID-19 Conditions For Those Arriving In Lebanon

Update: a source tells us that this is a draft proposal, and it has not yet been finalized.

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport (which oversees Beirut’s Airport’s functions) has released new conditions for those arriving in Beirut.

– As of January 1, 2022, prior to coming to Lebanon, travelers will have to sign up for a health pass on the Ministry of Health’s website (https://pass.moph.gov.lb) – after signing up with relevant information (flight details, etc.), they will be issued a health pass.

– Travelers (aged 12 years and older) will also have to have a valid PCR test result with a QR code that is no older than 96 hours.

– The PCR test on arrival is to be paid for by bank cards online, and cost $30.

– Travelers who have been vaccinated do not need to take a PCR test on arrival, but still need to present their vaccination certificates.

For more information, check out the documents below.