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William Daou 05 Dec 2021

5 Quick Bites To Satisfy Your Cravings Around Beirut

Hungry? In a hurry? These perfectly delicious bites around Beirut WILL satisfy your belly!

1. Lettuce Meat

This Hamra and Mar Mikhael spot offers mouthwatering appetizers, sliders, wraps, and more!

2. Abou Afif

This small snack joint is another Beirut favorite. We swear by their delectable juicy burgers that everyone should try at least once!

3. Mini Guette

From healthy options to breakfast best sellers to delicious hefty sandwiches and filling platters, Mini Guette has something for everyone.

4. El Estez Snack

El Estez is known for their delicious shawarma sandwiches!

5. Kaakeh Square

Traditional Kaakeh, with a square shaped twist! We recommend the Kafta Kaakeh that will keep you coming back for more!