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Bassel Obeid 03 Dec 2021

14 Things You Can Relate To If You Were Born In December

December babies, this one’s for you.

1. Your birthday present is your Christmas present

2. You’re stuck with your family every birthday AND Christmas

3. And you always get comments like “yalla kelna mne7tefil sawa”


4. You’ve never had good weather on your birthday

And your friends can’t make it to your gathering because of Lebanese traffic or a storm…

5. Those Birthday/Christmas dinner celebrations

With little mention of your birthday.

6. Everyone shits on your zodiac sign

We don’t make the rules.

7. Not all of your friends can make it to celebrate because it’s the holidays

So you settle for birthday texts or last-minute get togethers.

8. You struggle to make reservations for a birthday dinner

Everything is FULLY BOOKED as early as November.

9. So you usually just celebrate at home

Which works well if you’re an introvert.

10. You don’t like celebrating your birthday

11. You’ve heard “Happy Birthmas” at least once in your life

If you haven’t, now you have.

12. People you meet always remind you how much it must suck to celebrate


13. You get Christmas-themed presents

Candy cane pajamas and Christmas socks for the win.

14. “Awww you must be your mom’s favorite Christmas present”

LOL no.