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William Daou 06 Dec 2021

Teacher In Tripoli Exposed For Allegedly Sexually Harassing Students

In a recent Instagram post, the Students Club, an independent network for students all over Lebanon, shared troubling testimony about a high school teacher named Samer Mawlawi who had allegedly sexually harassed his students.

The post shared several screenshots from his chats with students and included his inappropriate interactions with them. Mawlawi, who currently teaches at the George Sarraf Official High School in Tripoli, was apparently notorious for his disgusting behavior, as many students have come forward to share their experiences.

Many students even reported that he would threaten to fail them if they rejected his advances. Below are several testimonies that were compiled by the Students Club, further highlighting the severity of the situation and raising concern over his presence on school grounds.

A troubling development to this story is the apparent expulsion of the student who came forward. If this is true, the school is complicit in the abuse the students are experiencing, and it is effectively protecting a sexual harasser and abuser.

The Students Club has since arranged a protest in front of the George Sarraf Official High School this morning in support of the survivors, which took place today at 6:30 AM.

Another update, here is a video of the students confronting the principal for his lack of action:

We stand by the survivors and hope that Mawlawi is dismissed from his position and tried before a court of law, and punished to the fullest extent.