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Lynn Fakhry 06 Dec 2021

10 Frustrating Moments All Lebanese Film Students Have Experienced

TV and Film school students spend their nights editing and their days resisting the urge to punch misinformed people in the face.

Besides being paranoid about passengers waving at the camera while filming outdoors, here are 10 problems you or your friend filmmaker are sick of facing:

1. When you tell older people that you study TV/Film: “Betmassel yaane?”

2. When you’re filming in a public place and people stop by to ask “AYA TV?” in the middle of a great shot

3. When you inform them that it’s a movie not a series: “Rah yenzal bl cinema yaane?”

4. When you brainstorm movie topics in front of a family member, and they tell you “3mol film 3an ossit hayete” or “Hki 3an el hejra bi lebnen”

5. When the taxi driver discovers that you study ekhraj: “Shou badik bi hal shaghle! Ma fiya masare”

6. When your actor texts you “Please fik teb3atle l film” or “Aymata fina nehdaro” 24 hours after the shoot

7. When you repeat a scene for the zillionth time because Lebanese people’s favorite activities are car honking and screaming on balconies

8. When a child actor is to be featured on your movie and their mom calls you three weeks ahead at 6 AM to ask “Kif ba3mella sha3ra?”

9. When a business student dares to ask this dumb question: “Bta3emlo written exams aw bas betsawro videos?”

10. When you film a small university project hiring your parents as actors, and they keep asking you “Lezim ettalla3 bel camera?”