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Labib Mansour 14 Dec 2021

Treat Yourself To Fattet Shawarma!

You undoubtedly love shawarma, and you love fatteh – but have you ever had the dish that combines the two?

Known for their delectable shawarma, Abou Sobhy is located in the heart of Tripoli. This mighty snack grew from a quaint sandwich spot to a shawarma lover’s dream, serving up wild things like pizza topped with shawarma and an unbeatable brunch dish: fattet shawarma.

Available in both chicken and beef varieties, this meal will blow your socks off. Rounds of crispy fried bread, smooth cool yoghurt sauce, and a hefty portion of perfectly seasoned chicken or beef shawarma will keep you coming back for more.

Other delightful things they make include a freekeh dish topped with shawarma, a shawarma burger, and even a shawarma pizza!

So the next time you’re in Tripoli, head to Al Mina street (facing Credit Bank) and get your shawarma fix!