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Melissa Sleiman 16 Dec 2021

Lebanese History Buff Gives Baalbak Tour…In LATIN!

Have you ever walked into a heritage site so rich that it made you wonder “how would the ruins of this majestic space sound if they could speak?”

Lebanese history enthusiast Patrick Khoury has been working on an extremely unique project for 6 months that will make you travel back in time, both visually and auditorily: it is a virtual tour documentary of Baalbek, Lebanon’s major archeological highlight, in spoken LATIN!

Scripted and corrected by Professor Roberto Salazar, an expert in Latin literature, the audio was recorded by Patrick with remarkable intonation and accentuation to give you an impression of how vulgar Latin might have sounded at the time. It has also been translated into over 10 languages including Arabic, French, German, Greek, Polish, and Turkish.

With Christiane Boustani’s hypnotic piano composition accompanying the detailed description of the roman temple complex, the 19-minutes-long documentary will take you on an original immersive tour.

Enjoy the video above, and show Patrick some love for his exceptional work!