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William Daou 19 Dec 2021

6 Simple But Delightful Sweets To Have In Lebanon

Do you have a dessert emergency? Here are 6 spot-on sweets that will satisfy even the most severe case of sweet toots.

1. Talej Talej from Beit Nazha

A classic white cotton candy mountain topped with pistachios known as the best-selling dessert at Beit Nazha, an authentic Lebanese restaurant in Byblos old souk.

2. Halewe With Pistachios from Jalset Al Erzal

Halawa plate served with butter spread and best enjoyed with fresh warm saj bread and a cup of hot Turkish coffee.

3. Ashta Bel Ashta from Babel Babel

A bed of Ashta ice cream topped with flower jam, scoops of ashta cream, and sugar syrup. It is the perfect ending to your Lebanese feast.

4. Grilled Banana from Le Petit Gris

A caramelized banana cooked with balsamic vinegar and filled with ice-cream, almonds, and roasted hazelnuts.

5. Mouaraka from Furn El Sabaya Furn Al Sabaya

Mouaraka is a traditional dessert in Amshit made of thin crust and soft filling exploding with flavors of almonds, walnuts, orange, and rose water.

6. Sahlab Abu Zoheir Hankir

Zoheir Hankir is known as the king of Sahlab, the perfect traditional oriental dessert for milk lovers.

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