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Lynn Fakhry 27 Dec 2021

6 Local Thrift Stores To Satisfy Your Musical Interests

Being a musician is now an expensive hobby in Lebanon (like many other hobbies), but that doesn’t mean you should give up on your passion because these secondhand shops are offering you music instruments and gadgets for cheap! Find a great deal, gift yourself a new instrument, and bless our ears with your tunes!

1. Leb Music Gear

This page has been found to ease the process of buying, selling, and trading musical instruments and gears. You can find quality acoustic and electric guitars, effects pedals, amplifiers, and digital keyboards, and participate in their occasional giveaways!

2. Shou 3ayiz

This online store sells everything you can think of, but mostly music-related items like note stands, capos, jack cables, guitar picks, and strings!

3. Guitarat

An online shop that buys and sells guitars and other types of instruments ranging from electric drum sets to kalimbas. They also offer great bundles and accessories including digital tuners and guitar stands.

4. Guitarolics

Your perfect online destination for buying and selling classical, acoustic, and electric guitars and their accessories. All items are checked before going up for sale and you can visit the shop owners in Jounieh to test the guitar before purchasing it.

5. DomTac

Located in Tyre, this shop sells all types of new and used instruments including ouds, guitars, violins, and trumpets, at unbelievable prices! You can send them an Instagram direct message, and they’ll assist you at any time of the day.

6. MJT Instruments Garage

The newest online store on the list, selling both new and used instruments at low prices. Many more items will be posted soon so keep an eye on their page!

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