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Tanya Maalouf 03 Jan 2022

This Bliss Spot Is Satisfying All Your Sweet Tooth Cravings

We believe the best comfort food has to have a lot of sugar in it, and one of the best places to indulge in your sugar cravings just so happens to be located on Bliss.

Lokma is serving the sweetest and chocolatiest dishes for people who always have enough room for dessert. Everything is coated in Belgian chocolate and made with lots of love!

Nothing can keep you warm like melted chocolate in this weather. This spot enjoys a cozy ambience that is perfect for you and your friends.

From sushi crepes to pancakes, they’ve got every sweet dish you could dream of!

We recommend you try their “Cupid’s Arrow”, which is a triple Belgian chocolate crepe filled with Italian ice cream and covered in lotus crumbs!

And don’t worry if your midnight cravings kick in because Lokma is always open.

Check them out on Instagram!

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