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Mia Arawi 07 Jan 2022

9 Must-Try Restaurants In Faghaya And Faqra

Because it is the season to apres-ski, see, and be seen, we’ve compiled a few great restaurants in Faqra and Faraya, more affectionately known as Faghaya. Check them out and let us know what you think!

1. El Mexicano

If you haven’t tried El Mexicano yet, then you’re missing out on some of the best Mexican food Lebanon has to offer. The beautifully decorated restaurant will also make you feel like you travelled to Mexico, so don’t forget to indulge in a margarita or two or three if you’re not driving. And did we mention they have the most delicious loaded fries ever?

2. Le Montagnou

The stunning space that is home to delectable fondue and pierrade! Be sure to also try their flammekueche, a crème fraîche and bacon pizza that is to die for.

3. Paname

One of Beirut’s most delicious destinations moves up to the mountains for the season. Enjoy cold cuts, spaghetti, and their impeccable burger.

4. Auberge Le Valais

Salads, barbecue, and amazing fondue! This spot is particularly known for being more quiet than others in the area.

5. Les Caves De Chez Michel

Tucked away in the cozy Terre Brune hotel is this delicious steak house. Think heavenly meats, exquisite salads, premium wines, and live entertainment on weekends.

A cozy spot with ALL the Lebanese mezza staples. This restaurant is very laid back and casual, serving fresh and well-made dishes and barbecue.

7. Tarik el Nahel

Kibbeh cups, fatteh, fresh salads, and delicious bites. Tarik al Nahel won’t disappoint with its satisfying menu and peaceful atmosphere. Their fresh ingredients and beautiful views are ideal for a scenic lunch.

8. Jalset el 3erzel

Jalset el Erzel’s beautiful forest setting paired with their delicious traditional Lebanese cuisine makes them top the list as one of our favorite mountain restaurants in Lebanon.

9. Saj Em Bachir

So this isn’t a restaurant per se, but it is a spot that serves up one of Lebanon’s most delicious manouches! Sometimes, all you need is a good old saj (or two) to fill the belly and elevate your spirits. Head to Em Bashir’s, on your left as you descend past Jalset el 3erzel, where you can indulge in a thin markouk painted with zaatar and olive oil paste and heated to a crisp on a saj oven. It’s bound to become your pitstop in Faraya!