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William Daou 09 Jan 2022

11 Spots For Delicious Farrouj In Beirut

There’s nothing better than enjoying a delicious farrouj with a tonne of toum and some golden French fries! Here are 11 spots where you can eat your chicken-loving heart out.

1. Farrouj Chmaitelly

Broasted chicken and farrouj rotisserie, this spot has been serving delicious bites since 1958.

2. Abou Deeb

Golden chicks that are juicy and delectable. Nothing better.

3. Abul 3ezz

You may know this spot for their amazing pizza shawarma and other fun creations. They also have a juicy farrouj that is not to be missed. You’ll love their crinkle-cut fries.

4.Farrouj Abou Sami

Sandwiches, fried chicken, and such amazing meals!

6. Farrouj al Abdallah

A name that has become synonymous with farrouj! Known for their coal grilled chicken with the special seasoning, be sure to order extra sauce on the side and enjoy!

7. Al Reef al Libnany

Crunchy pickles, creamy toum, and of course a deliciously roasted chicken.

8. Lala Chicken

Open since the late 1960s, Lala Chicken has delicious sandwiches and coal grilled chicken. The lemony seasoning and their grilled potatoes will win you over in no time.

9. Fakhry

The home of broasted and grill! Do not miss out on their amazing broasted potatoes, fried to perfection.

10. Chaccour Chicken

Delicious crispy chicken and unbeatable farrouj! Their coleslaw, garlic, and thinly sliced fried potatoes are heavenly.

11. Olympic Chicken

Mar Mikhael’s famous chicken spot. They sell grilled, fried, and rotisserie chicken.

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