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Lynn Fakhry 10 Jan 2022

6 Original Desserts To Have At Cafe Najjar In Zahle

Surpassing the world of coffee, Café Najjar has set itself as the right place to satisfy your buds with many special menu items! Here are a few sweet creations for you to enjoy alongside a cup of Najjar Raqwa coffee:

1. Halawe Chocolate

What looks like a Reese’s cup is a halewe layer wrapped in chocolate, topped with white cotton candy, and sprinkled with pistachios!

2. Crêpe Perdue

Pain “perdue” inside crêpe bites topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with caramel sauce. A must-try combination!

3. Tiramisu in a glass

I don’t know about you, but being able to see the multiple layers of a tiramisu cake before cutting into it is a dream come true! Look at how gourmet this is!

4. Salade De Fruit glass

If you don’t like eating your fruits, this cute eye-appealing cup will definitely shift your preferences.

5. Oriental Shake

We’ll let you dive-in and discover the oriental flavors yourself!

6. Knefe Croissant

Classic but will make you melt with love!

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