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Mia Arawi 10 Jan 2022

8 Spots To Enjoy A Good Book In Beirut

All book lovers know the feeling of reading fresh pages and indulging in the experience that comes with a new book, so what better way to enjoy it than by visiting some serene spots that will make any book lover melt?

1. Curl, Badaro

With a “take a book, leave a book” initiative, tons of books available for purchase, and an unbeatable hot chocolate, this spot appeals to any avid reader seeking a new adventure!

2. Barzakh Bookshop, Hamra

Barzakh looks like the perfect spot to hold your book club meetings and discuss your favorite reads. A pet-friendly hub with a massive selection of literature (and fantastic bakes)!

3. Halabi Bookshop, Kaskas

Although not a spot to kick back and enjoy your new book, this location will make your book-loving self do a little happy dance and walk out with a massive haul.

4. Aaliya’s Books, Gemmayze

A literary bar and café with good vibes and a wide selection of books for you to read to your heart’s content!

5. Lebanese Vegans Social Hub, Sin El-Fil

A vegan cafe and working space equipped with a library and amazing weekly events! It is also pet-friendly, so don’t hesitate to bring your furry friend.

6. Kitabi, Hamra

Conveniently located near B.Hive in Hamra, you can grab your new book and enjoy a cup of coffee at their work/study station!

7. Sole Insight, Mar Mikhael

The adorable philo-art café where your soul can roam free! It’s the perfect spot to bring your pet, check out their selection of books, and have a light morning bite!

8. Snoubar Bayrout, Monot

A book lover’s paradise in the heart of Monot!