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Tanya Maalouf 13 Jan 2022

LAU To Launch Bus Shuttle Service By End Of January

In a recent email sent to students and faculty, LAU’s Shuttle Planning Working Group shared the university’s plans to launch a system of transportation that will connect both LAU campuses with Sidon, Tripoli, Mount Lebanon, and Keserwan regions.

With two current lines in operation, the university will include an additional six lines:

Line 1: Sidon-Damour-Khaldeh-LAU Beirut

Line 2: Aley-Fayadieh-Hazmieh-Adlieh-LAU Beirut

Line 3: LAU Byblos-Halat-Sahel Alma-Jounieh-Zouk-Dbaye-Antelias-Nahr El Mot-Dora-Adlieh-LAU Beirut

Line 4: LAU Beirut-Adlieh-Dora-Nahr El Mot-Antelias-Dbayeh-Zouk-Jounieh-Sahel Alma-Halat-LAU Byblos

Line 5: Hazmieh-Sin El Fil-Jdeideh-Antelias-Dbayeh-Zouk-Jounieh-Sahel Alma-Halate-LAU Byblos

Line 6: Tripoli-Qalamoun-Chekka-Batroun-Madfoun-Amshit-LAU Byblos

With punctual schedules of operation, the buses will be GPS-tracked and include WiFi onboard. The university also revealed the subscription fees  for students who wish to benefit from the service:

Route fees per semester (priced at the 8,000LBP rate)

Beirut – Byblos
Tripoli – Byblos
Hazmieh – Byblos
Byblos – Beirut
Fee: $1400

Sidon – Beirut
Aley – Beirut
Fee: $1800

The university aims to launch the service by January 24th, 2022, in a bid to help students reach campus during worsening economic conditions.