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Melissa Sleiman 15 Jan 2022

9 Sweet Breakfasts For A More Appealing Morning

Sweet or savory for breakfast? If you’re on team sweet, here are 9 treats you’ll want on your morning plate. They’ll give you the needed sugar rush and energy to get through the day:

1. Kinder Bueno Donut from XnDoughs

One of XnDoughs best sellers: a soft and glazed donut dough stuffed with creamy Kinder Bueno hazelnut chocolate filling.

2. Kinder Cinnamon Roll from Bake Me Happy

The most elegant handmade cinnamon roll you’ll ever have. The roll is so fluffy and topped with melted kinder spread. You can order it via direct message on Instagram or through Toters delivery app.

3. Chocolate coffee from Lokma

An espresso cup sweetened with any chocolate bar of your choice. It has a creamy texture that is so satisfying to look at and more satisfying to sip on.

4. Knefe Mankoushe from A-305

Cheese knefe spread on a very thin mankoushe dough. It can be served with sugar syrup or honey.

5. Nutella Mankoushe from Skinny Doe

Skinny Doe’s special Mankoushe topped with Nutella spread, banana slices, and shredded hazelnut. Halawa and peanut butter with jam manakish are also available!

6. Figs & Honey Positive Toast from Kiss The Spoon

This healthy option will give you both pleasure and nourishment: it’s a rye sourdough topped with peanut butter, roasted almonds, dried figs, and honey drizzle. It is available for online orders only.

7. Strawberry Pancakes from Sekkar Nabet

“99 Dreams” is the name of this sweet creation: four pancake layers separated with creamy white chocolate, topped with fresh strawberries, and covered with strawberry syrup and crunchy biscuit crumbs.

8. Triple Chocolate Croissant from Clément

Croissant meets éclair: a chocolate flavored croissant dough filled with luscious pastry cream and chocolate spread. It looks too good to be eaten! You can order it through Clément’s online shop only.

9. The One from The Conut Bakery

The bakery’s classical sugar coated conut, a special combination of croissant and donut, filled with crème patissière and topped with strawberry slices and blueberries.

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