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Melissa Sleiman 18 Jan 2022

Meet The Salsa Band Adding Some Sauce To The Local Scene

Lively, upbeat, and danceable! Who doesn’t love jamming to salsa music with its percussion instruments and complex rhythms?

Cuban’d, Lebanons’s only live salsa band, is hosting an amazing retro Salsa Night at Hamra’s very own Salon Beyrouth this Saturday at 8:30PM, with vocalist Rony, Nicolas on piano, Andrew on conca, Sherif on timbales, Jack on double bass, and the trumpet duo Mario and Simon. Be sure to call and reserve ahead of time!

While you’re there, don’t forget to try Salon Beyrouth’s incredible burger!

Cuban’d was founded in 2016 by violinist, bassist, and instruments expert Jack Stephan and is now managed by Harmonix Events.

The diverse group has been touring the country for years, playing public gigs at restaurants, bars, and the Colombian embassy in Lebanon, as well as in private events, giving the local music audience a taste of Cuban, Colombian, Spanish, and Mexican classics!

Follow Cuban’d on Instagram and dance to the beats of their upcoming gigs!

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