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Beirut.com 17 Jan 2022

Families Of August 4 Victims: “We have had enough”

This morning, families of the victims of the August 4 explosion blocked roads around the Palace of Justice in protest of the lack of action in their case. A claim filed against Judge Bitar has stalled investigations, bringing them to a halt for months on end.

Under the motto of العدلية مغلقة حتى تحقيق العدالة (Adlieh is closed until we achieve justice), protestors burned tires and closed off the road.

The families also released a statement to press which opens with, “we have had enough”. The statement goes on to express their faith and backing of the investigative judge Tarek Bitar who had been a target of a political campaign which aimed to have him removed off the case. The statement then asks why people who have arrest warrants issued against them manage to resume their lives, stating that they refuse that the law is only implemented against lower income individuals.

The August 4 explosion killed more than 220 people and decimated our city. No one has been held accountable as of yet.