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Beirut.com 19 Jan 2022

Depositor Who Took Bank Hostage Yesterday Announces Hunger Strike

A bizarre series of events that seem like they are taken right out of an action movie.

Yesterday, a citizen took dozens hostage at BBAC bank in Jib Jenine, Bekaa. The citizen, who was later identified as Abdallah Al-Sahi from the town of Kefraya, came to the bank asking to withdraw $50,000 from his account. When his request was rejected, he brandished a weapon and a grenade, proceeding to pour gasoline on the floor and threatening detonate. He was then given his money which he handed over to a relative before handing himself in.

Late last night, the Bekaa’s Public Prosecutor Barakat instructed security forces to seize the $50,000 sum that was withdrawn, instantly prompting outrage.

This afternoon, it was revealed that Abdallah, who is currently under arrest, has announced a hunger strike.

Since this story unfolded, Abdallah received an outpouring of support and sympathy from so many who have had their life savings stolen by banks.