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Mia Arawi 21 Jan 2022

Check Out This Stunning Getaway In The Heart Of Beirut

Need a break but you can’t decide on whether to spend it indoors or outdoors? Biophilia Luxury Lofts have made these two worlds meet at their stunning spaces where interior design collides with the warm embrace of nature.

Stepping into any of these lofts meticulously designed and styled by Lebanese architect Naji Sleiman feels like entering a “wonderous cocoon of zen and peace”.

Nine apartment options are available for you to choose from, all fully furnished and located in the heart of Ashrafieh, at a walking-distance from ABC mall, some of the city’s finest restaurants, bars, museums, and the seaside.

Bali Escape, Ibiza Breeze, Cozy Bohemian, Tulum Getaway, Nomad Experience, Tropical Haven, Nomad Soul, Charming Architect Loft, and Myconian Vibe are all stunning serviced apartments that are sure to give you a memorable stay.

What could be better than cocooning up with your lover or friend in a stunning space that you don’t have to worry about furnishing OR cleaning?

Urban meets modern at each of these living spaces blending soft earth tones with bohemian-chic furniture and décor elements, featuring wooden floors and ceramic tiles, and surrounded by some soul-mending greenery.

You can go through the lofts’ catalogue and prices here to book your cozy and quiet stay on WhatsApp at +961 70 195 911.

This is your chance to cool off at a happy haven and re-connect with yourself and nature, so make sure you don’t miss it!

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