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Taleen El Gharib 21 Jan 2022

Disgusting Individuals Exposed For Allegedly Holding Vicious Dog Fights

Horrific news has been circulating all over social media regarding a number of individuals who have been hosting dog fights in Lebanon.

The individuals have allegedly been adopting dogs, training them to be more aggressive, and hosting dog fights for their own entertainment and profit.

WARNING: Graphic content ahead.

According to Paws Rescue Team, an animal rescue service, these criminals have been identified as George Fraygeh, Mohammad Atieh, and Hassan Al Attar.

Even innocent animals are falling victim to a negligent state that has allowed the country to spiral into hellish conditions for all. According to the Animal Protection and Welfare Laws:

Article 4.1: “…it is prohibited to perform any act that may inflict distress, pain or suffering to animals or subject them to danger or torture”

Article 4.3: “Animal fights or fights between animals and humans are prohibited”

We hope that these criminals will be punished for their horrifying actions.