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Mia Arawi 28 Jan 2022

Carma Dog Shelter: Saving Furry Friends In Tripoli, One Paw At A Time

In one of Lebanon’s poorest areas is an initiative working to feed and provide shelter to some sweet pour souls.

Carma Dog Shelter in Tripoli has been dedicated to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of neglected animals. Apart from providing healthcare to sick and injured animals, they are also revealing the abuse that stray animals are experiencing, from bullet wounds to torture. For this reason, many volunteers have stepped in to protect strays by getting them checked by professionals and finding them a forever home.

The shelter has been able to rescue, treat, and find homes for dozens of strays in Tripoli!

Sadly, cases of animal abuse and cruelty are not uncommon in Lebanon, despite the existence of laws that allow for legal prosecution against such occurrences. The crisis has paralyzed the Carma Dog Shelter from proceeding with its operations due to the lack of funding and the expenses needed to care for these animals.

Many initiatives are suffering the same fate, and it is up to their volunteers and generous donors to prevent them from completely halting their rescue missions.

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