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Mia Arawi 07 Feb 2022

9 Foods That Scream ‘Special Occasion’ In A Lebanese House

You know those meals that are saved for special occasions? Here are some of our favorites.

1. Fatayer

Your parents spent all day making these homemade delights for guests, but you shove 15-20 in your mouth each time you pass by the kitchen.

2. Mini pizzas

Another marker of a special occasion.

3. Mashewe

Nothing says “we have guests coming over” quite like grilled meats.

4. Ouzeh

Whether homemade or catered.

5. Bzourat

Bowls of the fancy bzourat = your parents’ friends are coming over.

6. Kharouf mehshe

This is a big one normally reserved for MASSIVE occasions.

7. A whole stack of Wara2 3inab

Decorated with slices of potato or even ribs for the ultra fancy meals.

8. Kebbe nayye

Nothing screams celebration quite like raw meats.

9. Seafood

For when the fam is feeling fancy fancy.