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Lynn Fakhry 08 Feb 2022

This Dessert Shop Made You A Summer-Flavored Crepe

From Kaakit Mafroukeh and Fried Chicken Sweets to the Knefe Cookie, we thought we’d seen it all. But Lebanese chefs keep stepping up their epic dessert mash-ups game.

Yummy Yard dessert shop located in the old Byblos souk is bringing you a taste of summer in the middle of winter with its new signature match: The Boollz.

You can now enjoy Lotus or Oreo ice cream rolls in the warmth of a buttery crepe filled with melting Nutella or Kinder spread, both topped with biscuit crumbs and drizzled with white chocolate for an extra sweet finishing.

The clash of melting chocolate and cold rolls is bound to give you a nice bright freshness that will leave you i-cecreaming for more!

Simple yet impressive, this new hit is definitely worth every bite!

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