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Lama Hajj 08 Feb 2022

5 Stunning Mountain Guesthouses In Lebanon

Winter staycations are the best, and since we’ve made uncovering guesthouses around Lebanon our full time job, we rounded up five spots that you’ll love.

Check them out and let us know what you think!

1. Villa Chamoun, Qadisha Valley

Want to get up close and personal with the magical Cedars? Built as a family home in 1965, Villa Chamoun was recently restored as a beautiful guesthouse. Enjoy hiking and biking in the vicinity, and indulge in amazing food with ingredients sourced from the nearby lands. Did we mention that their rooms and suites are decorated with custom-built furniture crafted by local artisans? You’ll want to move in!

2. My Stone Cellar, Douma

A 19th-century mansion that will transport you back in time. With vaulted cellars, time-honored furniture, and all the markings of a traditional Lebanese home, this guesthouse is sure to impress. It also happens to be a short walk from the iconic Douma Souk!

3. La Maison des Sources, Ain Zhalta

A stunning 200-year old guesthouse that is currently covered in snow! Enjoy impeccable service and unbeatable food at this wonderful spot. You’re bound to forget that you’re not home.

4. Al Fundok, Maaser el Chouf

Quirky, colorful, and delightful. That’s how we’d describe this gem! With a special focus on mouneh and locally sourced meals, Al Fundok is any food-lovers’ paradise. Enjoy a stay that is serene and scenic, in rooms built with comfort in mind.

5. Karaz, Ehden

A pet-friendly traditional Lebanese house with stone walled interiors. Currently surrounded by snow, Karaz is the ideal place to stay while discovering everything there is to know about Ehden. Overseeing the bustling Al Midan Square, Karaz is the perfect meld of contemporary energy and traditional charm.