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Bassel Obeid 09 Feb 2022

8 Messy AF Foods You Can Devour Around Lebanon

Forget the napkins, let’s get messy! Here are some messy AF dishes you can enjoy around Lebanon.

1. Nachos El Diablos from Taco Diablos

Drenched in chili con carne, you can enjoy the crunch, spice, and avocado dip with this iconic dish!

2. Fries with Bacon and Cheese from Hunger Bunker

We love ours with extra cheese!

3. Oh My Cheese Burger from Cheese On Top

Literally dive into this cheesy masterpiece!

4. Dynamite Chicken from Tiger’s Diner

We’re sure you’ll be eating every last bit.

5. Cheese Steak Volcano from Murray

It’s called a volcano for a reason…cut it open and watch all that cheese drizzle out!

6. Sweet Gorditta from Juicy Grill

Juicy Grill’s famous Sweet Gorditta will make you forget that you even need a napkin.

7. Boneless Wings from Mr. International

Dip those barbecue wings into honey mustard and enjoy the flavor.

8. Old Fashioned from Butcher’s BBQ Joint

We don’t recommend any utensils for this one…

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