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Lynn Fakhry 15 Feb 2022

7 Desserts We Bet You Have Never Had Before

You might have pictured these delights in your mind, but have you ever experienced their tantalizing taste?

1. Choco-Cheese Mankoushe from Bake-In

Bake-In is baking you a taste of difference with this unexpected pairing: a clash of shredded melting cheese with smooth chocolate spread, resting upon a perfectly thin mankoushe dough.

2. Sweet Burger from Street House

The same geniuses who re-created the pepperoni Pizza Burger, came up with this simple yet attractive snack that reminds us of early school mornings: creamy chocolate spread, banana slices, and cocoa rice pops, stuck between two halves of a burger bun.

3. Halewe Crêpe from Eddy’s Street Food

Halewe’s creamy notes are nicely toned down by the sweet crepe dough, creating a terrific culinary combo!

4. Knefe Burger from Beit Settet

The queen of desserts got introduced in a croissant, then in a cookie, and now in a burger bun at Beit Settet… all for the love of Knefe!

5. Halava Cake from Ummi

This signature creation from Ummi makes the perfect afternoon delight! It’s a piece of pillowy halawa-flavored cake covered with Ashta ice cream, topped with cotton candy, and drizzled with Amar El Deen – a traditional apricot juice.

6. Crêpe Bites from Crepier

These bite-sized crêpe rollups make an appetizing treat. The best part? They can be stuffed with any filling of your choice including cornflakes, fresh fruits, jams, Irish Cream, and chocolate bits.

7. Berry Choco Ghazal from Uniun

Uniun has created the ideal comfort food: a delectable mix of a berry chocolate base, white cotton candy, and fresh strawberries.

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