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Beirut.com 18 Feb 2022

Sushi Guide’s 15 Best Sushi Restaurants In Lebanon For 2021-2022

Editorial note: this is a submitted guest post.

The local food blogger and sushi fanatic Sushi Guide Lb has released his list of the 15 best sushi spots in Lebanon for 2021-2022. Here are the results!

Please note that Sushi Guide created this list with a focus on taste and quality only, as prices are not taken into consideration.

1) Nara Nori, delivery only

Nara Nori is a delivery concept by the owners of Mayha which is currently closed for dine in (at the time of writing). Nara Nori offers one of the most expensive deliveries in Lebanon, but serves the most premium and fresh fish. Their menu is limited to authentic sushi: Nigiri, Sashimi, Fish on rice bowls. They offer a variety of fish like Salmon, Real Crab, Bluefin Tuna, White fish and others. Highly recommended if you love authentic sushi and don’t mind paying a premium price. Available only through Toters.

2) Mitsuya, Gemmayzeh

Mitsuya is a high-end spot in Gemmayze that offers authentic Japanese dishes. It also offers the authentic sushi Omakase experience (chef’s choice courses served at the bar). If you like traditional sushi (nigiri, sashimi, and a limited selection of makis) and different types of fish marination dishes, you will love this place. Expect high prices and impeccable taste.

3) So, Ashrafieh

Beirut’s sushi and Italian spot, So serves premium quality ingredients with great value for money. Tasty dumplings and fine dining vibes are also present.

4) Steak Bar Sushi, Naccache

Fun pub-like atmosphere and fresh premium quality fish. Steak Bar Sushi gains a spot at number 4 because of their high quality fish. Their Sashimi, Nigiri and Temaki are highly recommended.

5) Shogun, Verdun

Despite the crisis, the place didn’t change their fish quality, always using premium ingredients and scottish/norwegian salmon (like all restaurants mentioned on this list). It’s a mix between modern and classic sushi. Excellent quality crunchy temaki.

6) Kampai, Downtown Beirut (or Ni Cafe in ABC)

Offering high quality sushi within a high-end ambience, Kampai is always a fantastic spot. It also caters Ni cafe, and its owners are the owners of Ai sushi, the new sushi restaurant. Their Temaki and salmon salad are exceptional.

7) Tsunami, Achrafieh and Antelias

Tsunami is a consistent place, with a little more affordable pricing than the restaurants mentioned above (although they recently increased their prices). Ashrafieh and Hazmieh branches were better than Antelias branch upon a recent visit.

8) Ginger & Co, Mar Takla Hazmieh and Jal el Dib

Great value for money restaurant, but avoid their special set pieces with too much sauces. Ginger & Co offers great quality salmon and big sushi pieces. They have branches in Hazmieh and Jal El Deeb.

9) Qatch, Koreitem

Qatch is also a great value for money restaurant. Being a modern fishery, not just a sushi restaurant, they offer daily fresh sushi and fish (big pieces). Their pokes are also very tasty.

10) Aki by Aishti Seaside, Antelias

Aki is a new modern sushi restaurant by Aishti seaside. It is a high end place with a very attractive atmosphere; pub style indoors and outdoors with a sea view. They offer high quality sushi and very fun vibes.

11) Sai in Mtayleb

Sai is a consistent good quality cozy sushi restaurant in Mtayleb. It is very similar to Tsunami, and uses high quality ingredients. Their Sai special mini cake is a good item to try. Their “USA roll” is also popular.

12) Osaka, Minet el Hosn

Osaka previously held the top score on this list but a second visit turned out to be very average, making this restaurant inconsistent. Still, Osaka is one of the top sushi places in Lebanon always offering high quality ingredients. Don’t miss their sashimi and crunchy temakis.

13) Kami, Jbeil

Kami is a good quality sushi place in Jbeil. For a couple of months, they started changing quality but got back on track to remain one of the top places on this list. Try their special items, much better than the regular sets, such as the flying shrimp makis.

14) Le Sushi Bar, Minet el Hosn

One of Lebanon’s most established sushi spots, Le Sushi Bar uses good quality ingredients at a high price point. Don’t miss their marinated salmon salad, one of the best salmon salads I tried.

15) Bamboo, Tyre

Probably the best sushi place in south, expensive prices but offering good quality ingredients. Don’t miss their marinated salmon dish.

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