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Lynn Fakhry 21 Feb 2022

Three Plays In One You Can Catch This Week At Sunflower Theater

“4 SQM For Discussion” is an exciting new theatre project sponsored by the cooperative cultural association for youth in theater and cinema SHAMS, AFAC foundation, Cultural Resource, and TAMASI Collective, which brings together three short Arabic plays created by Lebanese talents under one extensive performance to take place at Sunflower Theater in Tayouneh from 23 until 26 February.

Ne7na W Natrin Nou7

Co-written and directed by Karim Chebli and Sara Abdo, and played by renowned duo Fouad Yammine and Cynthya Karam

Shall We Leave…We Can Leave

Written by Georges Abboud, directed by Hagop Derghougssian, and featuring actors Yara Zakhour and Ramy Atallah.


Written and directed by Nour Saad and Aya Abi Haidar and Ahmad Nabha.

The performance starts at 8 PM on each of the four days, and is reflective of the different situations we experience in a collapsing country, so be sure to reserve your seat on 01 381 290 and listen to what local creatives have to say!

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