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Beirut.com 24 Feb 2022

Lebanese In Ukraine Call On Government For Evacuation

Early this morning, we awoke to news of Russian forces launching an all-out invasion of Ukraine by land, air, and sea in what is being described as the biggest act of offense on a European country since World War II.

Shortly thereafter, videos surfaced of Lebanese nationals living in Ukraine asking for the government’s assistance in their evacuation. It is estimated that there are 5,000 Lebanese students currently studying in Ukraine, many of whom had fled Lebanon due to the excruciating economic crisis.

Many also turned to Twitter to ask for resources as the embassy appeared to be unresponsive:

It is also important to note that as of this morning, Ukraine closed its airspace to civilian flights making it even more difficult for individuals without state support to leave. Sadly, considering the fact that Lebanon is a broke state, it could prove extremely difficult to carry out evacuations.

Last Sunday, the Lebanese Foreign Ministry advised Lebanese nationals to “quickly leave the country” as tensions were mounting. They did not mention that they would be providing any support.