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Melissa Sleiman 25 Feb 2022

10 Things We Think Nate From Euphoria Would Say If He Were Lebanese

Nate Jacobs exudes toxic masculinity, so imagining his Lebanese alter ego shouldn’t be too hard.

Here are a few things we think the Lebanese Nate Jacobs would say:

1. “Ma baddik thotte shway make up? Byelba2lik aktar”

And he also insists on commenting about how you dress.

2. “Ente jame3et ho2oo2 l mar2a? Ma betsheele sha3r jesmik?“

Then argues with “ma azde shi bas eno its my preference”

3. “Ma b3ooz dating apps, bas badde benet behkiya”

Yeah yeah the whole “I get what I want” bullshit.

4. Openly fat shames people who don’t “watch out for their health”

“Walla ana zabbatet jesme bel gym w behtam b hale“

5. And slut-shames women for having sex

Even though he’s probably had twice as many partners.

6. “Behterem l gays bas ma y2arbo sawbe”

Because God forbid anyone ever thinks you’re anything but a super straight male.

7. He tries to one-up anyone and everyone because he’s the best

Naffes shway.

8. One of the first things he told you was “I don’t want to hurt you”

Howe bad-boy heartbreaker with a reputation 3refto keef?

9. “Ente ajmal benet bshufa b hayete”

W b rabhik jmeele eno he even looked your way.

10. He made a pass at all your closest friends

“Henne l shakko 3layye, shu ba3mol?”