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Tanya Maalouf 03 Mar 2022

30+ Natural Spots To Visit For Every Day Of March

March means warmer temperatures and more sunshine, making it the perfect time to visit Lebanon’s natural gems! Here are 31 spots to visit for every day of March.

1. Biomass Restaurant

They serve homemade and locally sourced Lebanese food in a picnic-perfect setting for you and your family.

2. Rasmaska Gardens

Another ideal picnic spot where you can plan a cute first date or get-together with your friends.

3. Gem Fruits

A tomato farm in the heart of Jbeil where you can do some tomato picking! It’s an original and fun activity to take part in while discovering the beautiful city of Jbeil.

4. Even

Another destination in Jbeil that brings a piece of nature to you. You can enjoy a coffee in their outdoor natural seating.

5. Greenhouse Café and Bar

This enclosed space is filled with the most beautiful leafy plants and colorful flowers, and it will feel like an escape from city life.

6. Ouyon El Samak Waterfalls

Travel further North and you’ll reach one of Lebanon’s most precious gems! Ouyon El Samak’s crystalline waters and hiking trail are worth the long journey.

7. Chmyse Campsite

Adventure junkies and nature lovers will love this spot! You can enjoy a full day of hiking, rappelling, and admiring the beauty of Jezzine’s waterfalls.

8. Shallalat Nabeh Merched

Nothing beats the sound of running water while you enjoy traditional Lebanese food. This restaurant is one of Chouf’s oldest gems, but it never fails to impress!

9. Jnaynet El Khaweja

One of Kfardebian’s most precious gems, stop by for a traditional Lebanese treat and gaze at the gorgeous landscape.

10. Farmville

Enjoy a true farm life experience at this spot in Barouk! You can pick fruits and vegetables from their gardens, harvest eggs, and make friends with their adorable farm animals.

11. Double T

Whether you want to watch the sunset or spend a romantic evening under dim lights, Double T is the perfect place to recharge and let nature heal you.

12. Glamping Lebanon

Where nature meets luxury! If you’re a beginner camper (or you’re not too fond of creepy crawlies), Glamping offers you luxury tents and a hot tub nestled between olive trees.

13. Shouweta Cabin

A retreat under tall oak trees, this cabin in Kfarhelda is best enjoyed during the Spring season!

14. River Zen

Whether you’re looking for lodging, a camping spot, or just a fun day with your friends, this spot enjoys an authentic treehouse experience!

15. Jannati

A little piece of heaven in Qartaba with a magnificent view of the valley!

16. Tourist Restaurant and Guesthouse

If you’re looking to enjoy lunch with a view, this is the place for you! Whether its covered in snow or flowers are blooming, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime.

17. Bnachii Lake

Grab your friends and take a trip to Bnachii! You can have a meal at the Bnachii Lake Restaurant which overlooks the entire lake.

18. El Fizr

Located in the heart of Kfarmatta, you start off your visit by passing through the magnificent rock fissure and following the hiking trail until you reach the river.

19. Kfarhelda Waterfall

The majestic waterfall is surrounded by many restaurants and cabin getaways, so you’ll have a busy day discovering the beauty of Kfarhelda.

20. Al Jered el 3ali

Disconnect and set up your tent with this marvelous view!

21. Serjbel Waterfalls

This village is nestled between the mountains and enjoys the most magical views and waterfalls.

22. Samarula

Samarula is a colorful escape that overlooks the Cedars of God and the marvelous Qadisha valley.

23. Root 829

This location will make you feel at home! Enjoy a star-filled night around the fire and roast some marshmallows with your friends.

24. Niha Temple

This temple in Chouf not only has a beautiful view, but you will also learn about its history!

25. Bisri River and Waterfall

A destination with so much to offer! Apart from the river and waterfall, you can seek out the old Roman columns in Bisri.

26. Chez Yaz

Located in the heart of Naqoura, this place is a camping ground, picnic venue, and a treehouse escape all in one.

27. Tawlet Ammiq

Beqaa is famous for its green landscape and unbeatable views, and Tawlet Ammiq makes sure you’re enjoying every bit of it.

28. The Pines

The Pines is the perfect way to escape from your daily routine. Reserve a camping spot and spend your nights by the fireplace, gazing at the stars!

29. Crop

A gorgeous outdoor seating and unique menu items made from locally sourced products!

30. Jalset el Erzel

This traditional Lebanese restaurant has an unbeatable outdoor seating by the fireplace.

31. Keif

Tucked away in the green Southern village of Jezzine, this farmhouse looks like it is straight out of a fairytale.