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William Daou 02 Mar 2022

Lebanon’s Minister of Energy Slapped At Hamra Pub

Sucks to be you, Walid Fayyad!

After PM Mikati told him skot wla last week, last night and as Lebanon’s Minister of Energy was unwinding after a long day of NOT giving us electricity, he was confronted by angry individuals.

This all took place at Ferdinand pub’s new location in Hamra’s Napoleon Hotel. A young man and woman can be seen exiting the pub and telling Fayyad, “Don’t go out amongst people… you sit every day with the people who murdered us”.

Fayyad immediately follows the couple, only to seemingly get slapped. Watch the full interaction below:

During these trying times, as most of us are getting nearly two hours of state electricity per day and are paying exorbitant amounts for generators, it is incredible to see that Fayyad has the time, energy, and gall to be out in public.

Here are a couple of reaction from Twitter: