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Lynn Fakhry 03 Mar 2022

Mafrouke: Staging The Struggles Of A Lebanese Divorced Woman

“All Lebanese are equal in front of the Law” – Article 7 from the second chapter of The Lebanese Constitution. Yet, Lebanese women are denied nationality rights, killed at the hands of husbands who get away with it, and discriminated against by a conservative society and 15 religious courts who control their marriage, divorce, custody, and inheritance rights until this day.

To shed light on this gender-based discrimination in the absence of legal protection, theatre professionals Marwa Khalil and Wafa’a Halawi wrote the play Mafrouke, a sequel tof the 2014 Arabic musical comedy Znoud El Sett.

The story follows Amal, a Lebanese mother and housewife whose failed marriage had left her worn out, torn down, and abused – hence the title of the play which is a play on words relating to a popular Lebanese dessert. Amal shares the reasons behind her decision to get a divorce with her fictive neighbor, her point of view on love and life, and everything that makes her feel like a “lesser” citizen.

The Arabic-language play stars actress Serena Chami alongside the female scriptwriters and is directed by renowned drama instructor Riad Chirazi whose “Once upon Time in Thebes” trilogy won first prize at the Casablanca Theatre Festival in 1997.

Mafrouke will be performed at Monnot Theatre from 11 to 27 March at 8:30 PM. Be sure to bring your mask and vaccination certificate with you to stay extra safe!

Tickets are sold online at Antoine Ticketing with a student price also available at all Antoine branches.

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