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William Daou 04 Mar 2022

Nature Lovers, Here Are 6 Adventures To Go On This Weekend

If you’re a nature lover that can’t get enough of Lebanon, there are so many things you can be doing this weekend outside the city!

Here are a couple of adventures you can go on this weekend with your friends.

On Friday, March 4th

Challenge your friends to some outdoor escape games in Byblos

Imagine an escape room, minus the room. If you’re an escape room lover, here’s a new version we’re sure you haven’t tried!

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On Saturday, March 5th

Take part in the Igloo building activity in Qanat Bakish

Have you ever tried to build an Igloo? Well, chances are you haven’t gotten the chance to yet. What better way to bond with your friends than try to build an Igloo?

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Who’s up for some wine tasting? Join this wine tour happening in Bekaa!

Wine is never a bad idea, and the only correct way to enjoy it is in Bekaa.

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Try out Torchlight snowshoeing then share stories with your friends around a bonfire in Laklouk

When the weather gets colder, we cuddle up with our friends by the fire, share some stories, and create memories in every corner of Lebanon.

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On Sunday, March 6th

Go snowshoeing from Sannine to Zaarour!

If you love the winter season, then take advantage of the snow to try snowshoeing!

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Or join the hike from Deir El Qamar to Kfarkatra

Hiking can be very therapeutic, and we tend to take Lebanon’s beautiful landscapes for granted. Grab your extra motivational friend so that you have no chance of backing out of this one!

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