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Mia Arawi 06 Mar 2022

If Your Lebanese Date Says Any Of These 15 Things, RUN

If they so much as utter any of these, you’re better off single.

1. ”Kellon sara2o bas [insert name of politician] se3ad kteer nes”

2. Iza ma btekbar, ma btezghar

3. “Kel yom el wazir byetghada 3inna, if you need anything”

Yeah, I need them to go to hell.

4. “Aslan things are cheap now thanks to the financial crisis”

5. If they say they never dated someone “men 3endkon”

Are you collecting medals walla shu?

6. “Ana behterem l gays bas ma y2arbo sawbe”

7. Marwan Habib was framed.

8. *tells their mom to shut up over the phone*

9. “My ex majnoon/e”

10. “Hinneh el [insert sect name] ma byenta2o”

11. “Saraha hayda jeel l feminists ma elon 3aze”

And it’s even worse when a girl says it.

12. When you hand them the AUX and they ask you if you’re ever heard of Wadih El Sheikh

13. “Betsheel/e nrooh nesma3 Carlos b Antika Bar?”

14. “Hal azme kella la2anno 3emlo thawra 3al $6 3al WhatsApp”

15. “Soret ktir befham bel crypto”