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William Daou 06 Mar 2022

7 Spots To Unplug On A Sunday In Beirut

Just as the Sunday blues hit, we’re here with a list of seven places to ease your woes.

1. SuperVega

A chic spot in the heart of Badaro with impeccable coffee and food options. Forget your deadlines and dive into a hearty meal from their menu.

2. BEYt Garden Café

A quiet spot right in the heart of Beirut, away from the busy streets and city noise. We imagine sipping on coffee while catching up with your buddies here.

3. La Ménagerie

You may be sitting between stone walls, but the abundant flowers and plants keep you company. Sip on some wine and enjoy a delicious lunch!

4. Duke of Wellington

An English pub that has been open since 1957, here you can enjoy a pint (or three) while you enjoy the dim interiors and try to forget that tomorrow is Monday.


A newly opened Italian spot in the heart of Mar Mikhael, their menu includes pizzas, pastas, fresh salads, and all our favorite Italian appetizers. Escape the traditional Italian experience and stop by for a unique dining experience.

6. Makan

A stunning old house that screams Sunday relaxation. Drop by for a delicious lunch, stay for the amazing energy.

7. Orenda

Beirut’s favorite vegan spot, this stunning pink space boasts calm energy, a cute gift shop, delicious food, AND drinks to keep you buzzing.