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Bassel Obeid 07 Mar 2022

10 Kitchens Delivering Delicious Tabekh Lebnene

No time to cook? These Lebanese restaurants have come to your rescue with daily traditional dishes delivered to your door!

1. T-Marbouta

Located in the heart of Hamra, this restaurant and café is famous for its pleasant atmosphere and daily Lebanese dishes that you can order for delivery when you can’t visit. The list of dishes is weekly updated on their Instagram account.

Menu includes meat stuffed zucchini & potato, eggplant maklouba, vegan tomato bulgar, and chicken moghrabieh.

2. Tabkhit Ezzo

Tabkhit Eazzo is actually a Lebanese NGO that provides daily hearty and freshly prepared traditional meals at affordable prices. With every two meals sold, Tabkhit Ezzo donates one free meal to someone in need.

Menu includes moghrabieh, fasolia with riz, khodra mchakkale with riz, kebbe bi laban, and kafta w batata.

3. Maryool

Your “contemporary Lebanese eatery” offering daily food bowls with regional influences, alongside many vegan options.

Menu includes mehshe malfouf, labaniyyeh, kibbeh bil saynieh, and hindbeh.

4. Diet Centre – The Shop

You can order Diet Center’s plats du jour through their website, find them at Marqet supermarket, and via Toters app. Each main dish can be delivered with a side salad and a dessert, which are all healthy options low in calories.

Menu includes chicken mousakhan with potato harra, cabbage in oil, kafta w laban with rice, and modardara.

5. Ummi

Ummi’s staple Lebanese dishes pay tribute to traditional home cooking, with a modern touch.

Menu includes freekeh, daoud basha, warak enab, mehshe malfouf, mjadarra jnoubieh, and bazella w riz.

6. Bayt Em Nazih

Bayt Em Nazih has a special menu for delivery, serving a large variety of home-style breakfast mezza and lunch buffets.

Menu includes shish barak, riz 3a djej, burghul 3a banadoura, and loubiyeh bil zayt.

7. Set El Kel

This restaurant is famous for its generous portions and eco-friendly packaging. It has Plat Du Jour and Plat D’Hier menu sections, making sure no delicious food goes to waste!

Menu includes mloukhiyeh with chicken, daoud basha, laban emmo, oriental fish, and kebbe arnabieh.

8. El Denye Hek

A Mar Mikhael spot delivering authentic flavorful dishes in a gourmet presentation that will make you fall in love with Lebanese cuisine all over again!

Menu includes koussa mehcheh, mjaddara msefayeh, chicken with potatoes, siyadieh, and samak meshwe with rice.

9. Mezyan

This south Mediterranean restaurant serves a wide and unique variety of Lebanese, Armenian, and Moroccan dishes.

Menu includes moughrabieh with chicken, yakhnet bazela with rice, bamiye with meat and rice, and siyadiyet samak.

10. Shoppy Catering

Shoppy Catering has been satisfying your cravings with the best Lebanese dishes since 1993. They cater and deliver daily meals.

Menu includes chich barak with kibbeh, kibbe bel laban with rice, oriental rice with chicken or lamb, and koussa with batenjein bel zeit.

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