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Tanya Maalouf 08 Mar 2022

9 Ways To Celebrate On Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! Here are a few ideas to celebrate.

1. Head over to Mavia Bakery and enjoy a delicious bagel!

This bakery is part of an umbrella organization named Sadalsuud and it aims to empower women and build community!

2. Enjoy 20% off on cheese and wine at Busker in Mar Mikhael

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A spot that serves savory wine paired with unbeatable cheese platter, and they’re offering women a discount!

3. Shop till you drop with Feel22

You can now enjoy up to 30% off on some of your favorite products.

4. Invite your gal pals for a lunch at Orenda

The plant-based female-owned space that everyone loves! With their impeccable menu and welcoming atmosphere, you’re bound to have a great day.

5. Join the panel discussion about Feminism and Lebanese politics at Haven!

Haven for Artists, an all-inclusive organization, is hosting a discussion in honor of International Women’s Day at 6:30pm. Don’t miss it!

6. Check out the Hunna Art Exhibition at ABC Verdun

The exhibition includes art that celebrates women and promotes feminism and women’s issues. It will be hosted over the span of 3 months starting today at 6:30pm!

7. Have a few laughs with Taarafou – The Play

There are no entrance fees, so just stop by and enjoy! The play is about 18 young men and women from different backgrounds and areas in Beirut, charged with hilarious encounters and controversial issues.

8. Treat yourself to a spa day at UrbanV Spa!

What better way to celebrate than treating yourself to a relaxing spa day?

9. Sip on a free Sangria drink at the Jazz Bar in Hilton Habtoor Grand Hotel!

Celebrating women’s day with a free drink? Say less.