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Labib Mansour 09 Mar 2022

9 Signs You’re A Lebanese Arabic Teacher

If you check 4 out of 9, you’ve made the cut. Mabrouk.

1. You adore wearing tiny heels.

Summer, winter, formal, casual…it doesn’t matter. Your trusted low heel has gotten you through thick and thin.

2. Smoking is definitely your favorite activity.

Cedars for the win.

3. Children are the bane of your existence.

Why did you ever get into teaching?

4. Your favorite way to punish the class is to stand there looking very disappointed.

Additional points if you tell them they are the worst class you’ve ever taught.

5. You have, at some point, sang: “sabah el kheir sabah el nour, kayf al saha kayf al hal?”


6. Your favorite singer? Easy.

Kazem el Saher always and forever.

7. You look down on “teknologia”.

It is ruining the generations.

8. You have an agenda that you write everything in, cause phones are for losers.

If you went to school in Lebanon, you were sure to have experienced a vibrant array of types of Lebanese teachers. From the lazy one with the instincts of a sloth to the intense Arabic teacher – this video is dedicated to all of the different types of teaching characters we remember from our Lebanese childhoods.